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Pink Turban welcomes people from all walks of life

Pink Turban!

Pink Turban represents a truly unique experience in the concept of restaurant/bar & private dining lounge. All that you would expect in terms of luxury, service and privacy are Pink Turban's cherished hallmarks.

Located at Alexandra Avenue of Rayners Lane , Pink Turban is a restaurant and a private dining lounge that offers its affiliates the dramatic fusion of the Asian Subcontinent. The elegance and grandeur of Pink Turban is perfectly juxtaposed with cutting-edge minimalist interiors , edgy bar , which is finished in sumptuous detail.

Pink Turban is unique, bringing together people from all cultures in a vibrant melting pot, where members come to the House to meet friends, do business and relax. The House offers members a community and a hub from which to base both their social and professional lives.

Pink Turban, Management

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